Today, societies, governments and businesses recognize the pressing need to build comprehensive talent management and development programs more than ever before. There is no denying that the business industry is constantly on the rise. Hence, the need for more resilient institutions with an innovative workforce that can adapt to the rapid changes with new skill sets. Make valuable contributions right from the start. The key challenge for growing industry talent is to develop it in a continuous path: a complete life cycle from all levels of education to employment, based on accelerating changes, market needs and future jobs. It is, therefore, necessary to design a program that develops national talent by building a successful and sustainable path. Which in turn contributes to the labor market with high-level skills taking into account the future requirements. We will be incorporating input from national and international stakeholders explicitly; business, government, and academia. This program aims to close the gap between the current higher education programs and the needs of the future economy through the recent technical graduate programs. AWJ Innovation (Sustainable Technologies & Innovation Development) has assigned this program to identify and fill gaps in the innovation underpinning of the Sultanate. AWJ Innovation (STID) creates and delivers programs and projects to strengthen the talent base of young Omanis, create new businesses and build business opportunities. By driving new, disruptive technologies the Company and country will benefit and grow with these changes, creating new jobs and wealth in the Sultanate.



This program is designed specifically for higher education institutes graduates with different majors, whether they are technical or non-technical. As it aims to build their technical skills based on the needs and opportunities in the global race towards the adoption of advanced and future technologies.



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Technical Skills

October – December 2021


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Technical, Soft and Entrepreneurial Skills.

January – May 2022



Boot camp (workshop & business plan development).

June- July 2021