Today, societies, governments and businesses recognize the pressing need to build comprehensive talent management and development programs more than ever before. This is based on the need for an innovative workforce, more resilient institutions to adapt to the rapid changes, and the changes in skills necessary for the future.

The key challenge for growing industry talent is to develop it in a continuous path: a complete life cycle from all levels of education to employment, based on accelerating changes, market needs and future jobs.

It is, therefore, important to design a program to develop national talent by building a successful and sustainable path. This can contribute to the labor market with high-level skills which take into account future requirements. We will be incorporating input from national and international stakeholders from business, government and academia.

This program aims to close the gap between the current higher education programs and the needs of the future economy through two programs, one for technical university students and one for recent technical graduates.

AWJ Innovation (Sustainable Technologies & Innovation Development),as an Endowment and Philanthropic company, will identify and fill gaps in the innovation underpinning of the Sultanate. AWJ Innovation (STID) creates and delivers programs and projects to strengthen the talent base of young Omanis, create new businesses and business opportunities.  By driving new, disruptive technologies the Company and country will benefit and grow with these changes, creating new jobs and wealth in the Sultanate.


Build the Sultanate’s technical talent base and innovation capacity to drive success in the future economy.

Deliver training and educational programs to enhance knowledge and skills in science, technology and entrepreneurship.

Create new technology-based businesses and jobs to grow the economy and address strategic challenges.

Attract and nurture innovative projects nationally and internationally that will benefit the Sultanate.

Secure funding for target projects from public and private sources.

Provide the knowledge and support necessary to give the projects the best opportunity for success.

Guide successful projects to the next stage of commercialization and private funding.

Connect foreign projects and innovations with Omani businesses and entrepreneurs.


Main Paths

Recent Graduate

This program is designed specifically for the recent technical graduates for building their soft and technical skills and it is based on the needs and opportunities in the global race towards the adoption of advanced and future technologies.

Higher Education Student

The program aims to provide higher education technical students (Bachelor and above) with increased skills in advanced technology and entrepreneurship. It is targeted for engineering and ICT undergraduates, as well as physical science, bio-science and students from related technical disciplines.  

Higher Education Student (Phase 1)

Higher Education Student (Phase 1)

Higher Education Student (Excluded)

Higher Education Student (Excluded)

Recent Graduate (Phase 1)

Recent Graduate (Phase 1)



Recent Graduate (Excluded)

Recent Graduate (Excluded)

Higher Education Student (Phase 2)

Recent Graduate (Phase 2)

Phase 3




RG: 1000 participants.

HE: 200 participants.

Technical Skills


October – December 2020



RG: 500 participants.

HE: 200 participants.

Technical, Soft  and Entrepreneurial  Skills

January – May 2021



RG: 50 participants.

HE: 50 participants.

Boot camp (workshops & business plan development)

Jun – July 2021