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It is a program for building youth capacities which aims to achieve Occidental Oman’s vision in building and refining the national capacities. The program focuses to overcome the main challenge that faces the youth talents which is development through a clear and integrated path. The program guarantees the adaptation of youth talents with the accelerated changes in the labor market’s needs and future jobs
Building capacities: building the ability to innovate to achieve success in the future economy. Enhancing skills: enhance knowledge and skills in the fields of science, technology and entrepreneurship. New technical projects: creating new projects and jobs depending on technology. - Innovative projects: attract and support innovative projects globally and internationally. - Develop business: support and motivate projects to move to the next level of commercial offering and private financing
-The students of higher education institutions (in their last two years). -Fresh graduates (the last three batches).
Study Specialization: Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, Business Management (related to Information and communication Technology), Science and Biological Science, and any other majors related to this field.
Fresh graduates path: - An Omani - Graduate during the 3 last years and must graduate by September 2020 - Specialization: Engineering, Information and communication Technology, Business management ( that relate to Information technology and communication), Science, biological science and any other related majors. Higher Education students path: - An Omani or a person studies in Oman In his/ her last 2 years in studying- -Specialization: Engineering, Information and communication Technology, Business management (that relate to Information technology and communication), Science, biological science and any other related majors.
In case you studied an academic course that relates to information and communication technologies, you can register and in any case you will be accepted if you pass the acceptance test. Through logging in to the program website, and then choosing the suitable path for your qualification, and filling in the registration form, taking into your consideration to make sure that you used the correct phone number and email while registration.
200 participants will be accepted in the path of higher education students in the first and second phase and only 50 participants will move to the third phase. Another 1000 participants will be accepted in the fresh graduates path in the first phase and only 200 participants will move to the second phase, then 50 participants will reach the third phase.
First phase: October 2020 - December 2020 / 1200 participants Second phase: January 2021 - May 2021 /400 participants Third phase: July 2021 /100 participants
The first and second phases will be implemented remotely, but the third phase will be by the attendance of all participants.
The first and second phases will be remotely but the third phase will be in Muscat
All the program’s content will be in English
The accepted and excluded participants will be notified through email or text messages.
The accepted participants will be notified by email to access the program’s content by using the same email that they used in registration.
The program includes various topics about technology, skills development, projects management and personal skills.
When the participant is accepted, a notification of acceptance and how to enter the platform to start studying the courses will be sentd to him through email. In the platform, he/she can chooses a specific number of courses to study to pass the first phase.
After you successfully finish the courses, this will give you a chance to be chosen in the second and third phase after filtering the participants through certain criteria and through participant activity, commitment and points.
In case the participant finishes each phase, he/she will be given a participant certificate for completing the phase and the courses he/she finished.
The participants will not pay any financial costs for the program content.
-For Recent Graduates, they must select 1 learning path from both kind learning paths, either Deep learning or board learning. -For Higher Education Students, they must select 2 certificate courses. - they must finish their requirements on May.
All participants from both paths (Recent graduates & Higher education students) must attend 10 courses through workshops, 2 each month. Also, the workshops courses are focusing on technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills. - Higher education students have 12 hours for each course. - Recent graduates have 36 hours for each course. - some of courses are gathering both paths.
Absolutely, they are provided on .nxt platform on the date of the session by a link will move you to the recording session. - Some of courses are providing all materials for one week, which contains the pdf of PowerPoint, and recording session. And the participants have to download the whole zip file which is provided by a link in each week.
The participants will be tested through taking questionnaire survey for each workshop course by each of end the month. So, they have to take 2 questionnaires for each month since the participants will have 2 courses through workshops/ webinars, and that's will be doing for each month till May.