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The Program aims to achieve Occidental Oman’s vision in building and refining the national youth capacities. Which is conducted by shedding lights on the development of youth talents through clear and integrated paths. It guarantees the adaptation of youth talents with the accelerated changes in the labor market’s needs and future jobs.
  • Building capacities: building the ability to innovate and achieve success in the future economy.
  • Enhancing skills: enhance knowledge and skills in the fields of science, technology and entrepreneurship.
  • New technical projects: creating new projects and jobs depending on technology.
  • Innovative projects: attract and support innovative projects globally and internationally. 
  • Develop business: support and motivate projects to move to the next level of commercial offering and private financing.

Fresh graduates (the last five batches).

This program is designed for all candidates interested in the technical paths in the fields of science, technology and entrepreneurship.

Who? _ An Omani who Graduated during the past 5 years, lives in Oman and interested in self-development.

Specialization? _ Technical or non-technical majors with interest in technologies and future skills.

  • All majors are considered into the program however, the candidate must be knowledgeable of or interested in technical skills.
  • Targeting Graduates that are knowledgeable of or interested in technical skills.
  • Targeting recent graduates who are interested in technical development.

Go to the program website i.e. (, and ensure you fulfill all the necessary requirements to be considered. After that, you fill in the application form and ensure you use correct information during the registration, such as; your phone number and email address.

Sponsored by OXY: (1200) participants will be accepted in phase 1 of the program and only (400) participants will move to the second phase, then (100) participants will reach the third phase. However, the program is open for candidates who passed the acceptance exam and were not chosen within OXY sponsorship to self-sponsor for phase 1.

OXY sponsorship: * First phase: October 2021 – December 2021 / 1200 participants. *Second phase: January 2022 – May 2022 /400 participants *Third phase: July 2022 /100 participants.

Self-sponsorship: * First phase: October 2021 – December 2021. *Second phase: January 2022 – May 2022.

  • Phase 1 will be implemented remotely
  • Phase 2 will be implemented both physically and remotely.
  • Phase 3 will be held physically by the attendance of all participants.

Note: all depending on the pandemic.

  • Phase 1 will be implemented online.
  • Phase 2 will be implemented both physically and online.
  • Phase 3 will be held physically by the attendance of all participants.

Note: The venue will be determined at a later stage.

All the program’s content will be in English.

The accepted participants will be notified through email or text messages.

The accepted participants will be notified by email to access the program’s content by using the same email that they used in registration.

The program includes various topics about technology, skills development, projects management, business skills and personal skills.

When the participant is accepted, a notification of acceptance and how to enter the platform to start studying the courses will be emailed. The participant will then have the choice to select according to his/her preference a specific number of courses to study in order to pass the first phase of the program.

A certain criteria will be used to filter candidates that will be chosen for phase 2 and 3 of the program based on their activity, commitments and completion of their selected courses. Moreover, a filtration exam may be applied too.

n case the participant finishes each phase, he/she will be given a participant certificate for completing the phase and the courses he/she finished.

25 OR for sponsored participants paying once.

120 OR for self-sponsored participants in phase one of the program and 270 OR for phase two.

Normally no, but there are certain paths that the candidate will have to pay in order to conduct certain tasks within the learning path.

All participants must select 1 learning path; either Deep learning or broad learning.

All participants must attend 10 courses through workshops, 2 each month which focuses on; technical, entrepreneurial, and soft skills. In addition to the 36 hours dedicated to their selected course.

Absolutely, they are provided on the .nxt platform on the date of the session by a link that will move the candidate to the recording session. Some courses are providing all materials for one week, which contains the pdf of PowerPoint, and recording session.

The participants have to take 2 quizzes for each month since the participants will undertake 2 courses every month through webinars.